An MP3 Download Trick that Works

You pursued a teleseminar and wound up missing it. Dang!

Be that as it may, the hosts recorded it. Yah!

They sent you an email message that says “Go here now and tune in to the bring completely. In any case, the web connect in the email message guides direct toward the MP3 document and your program’s dissenting. Dang once more.

The message you’ve gotten looks something like…

“You can download and tune in to the get to discover our careful privileged insights. Go here at this point:


Have you at any point endeavored to utilize the “right-click/spare as” show on a connection in an email message? It simply don’t work.

For what reason do advertisers do this? It is safe to say that they are attempting to make it hard to download and pass a MP3 record around? Did they simply have a languid assault? descargar música gratis

It doesn’t make a difference why since you can get around this disturbance. It’s extremely simple.

Do this:

(1) Open another clear site page record utilizing your preferred HTML supervisor.

(2) Go back to the email message and duplicate the web connect that focuses to the MP3 record.

(3) Flip back over to your HTML supervisor, glue the connection into the source code of your clear website page report and configuration it appropriately as you would some other objective URL. Following this technique, your connection will have an arranging something like this (Note – the start and completion grapple labels here have an extra “.”):


(4) Now, still in your HTML proofreader, go to “Review” mode. Your connection is completely useful and now you can utilize the traditional “Right-Click/Save As” capacity to begin the document download similarly as though the teleseminar host had sent you to a download page on the web.

That is it. That is everything to our little MP3 record download trap. Spare this article in your “tricky PC traps” record and next time you wind up battling with your internet browser to get to a MP3 sound document, it works smooth as a snail trail.